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THE OXYGEN EXPERIENCE at Home or at our office

At OxygenWell, we often are asked how many hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions are needed to reach a patient's optimal health and recovery goals.  The true answer is that everyone always will benefit from this optimal living therapy for a lifetime. In fact, we believe, this therapy is the best life support treatment to create optimal everyday living.


In today's stressful environment, we need a better way to balance and support our health.  Every system in our body depends on the other.  For example, when sleep or digestion are off, it eventually will effect brain health and hormones. The key is understanding that inflammation often is the root of most health conditions and impairs healing.  


Environmental toxins found in food, water, and even air, are also at the root of many health challenges.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the key to integrate, balance, and repair all of these systems of our brain and body. 


Now you can experience hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the comfort of your home to repair your body, prevent illness, and live an optimal life.


Many of the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen include: reducing inflammation; supporting your immune system; reducing your pain; healing pre-existing injuries; repairing cell damage; detoxifying your metabolic system; improving mitochondrial efficacy; optimizing brain and hormone health; repairing wounds; and generally slowing and optimizing the aging process.



We, at OxygenWell, are proud and blessed to have administered close to 25,000 hyperbaric oxygen sessions to our patients at our offices over the last 8 years. The stories of recovery and optimal living from this amazing therapy truly are heart-warming and fuel us to make it even more accessible to the masses.



Time and finances often are factors in continued care for lifestyle optimization.  We are proud now to offer this life-changing, FDA approved hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy in a more affordable, home-based solutions.

We have several rental and purchase programs available to best suit your needs and budget.  For example, a one month rental program is available for as low as $1,500 a month.  And, our most popular home chamber even is available for purchase for only $8,995.

Additionally, we carry a very large chamber suitable for two adults measuring 40 inches in diameter for only $12,995.


We look forward to guiding you in maximing your mind and body health with this life-altering therapy.  It is never too soon to get started.  Here's to your health!

How does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy work? 


Oxygen under pressure floods your cells with oxygen, bypassing the limitations of absorption when not under pressure.   This further expedites the healing process by dissolving oxygen into your plasma, lymphatic system, cerebral spinal fluid and blood brain barrier allowing for optimal oxygenation and repair. This now liquid oxygen can travel more freely through areas of inflammation or damaged blood vessels to nourish and heal on a new level.


Oxygen under pressure not only brings extra oxygen to areas of restricted blood flow but it also will encourage new blood vessels to grow as well as new nerve and stem cells growth.  This process actually creates new permanent routes for oxygenation and blood flow and will start to heal your brain and body for optimal function and quality of life.


We specialize in restoring optimal brain function, chronic disease and cellular repair. Our brain health patients come to us for depression, anxiety, PTSD, Traumatic brain injuries, concussions and neurodegenerative diseases. We also specialize in pain and inflammation, cancer support, sudden hearing loss and tinnitus, surgery recovery, lyme disease, mycotoxins and viral loads as well as covid recovery and vaccine injuries. 


Optimally, patients come to us for longevity and optimizing cellular function and repair and living their best quality of life. With a boost to the immune system, calming of the nervous system and amazing anti-aging and beauty benefits, everyone will love and benefit with regular hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Immune support with HBOT

Give your body the best immune support with hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy.


One of the best ways to enhance health is to keep inflammation down and the immune system strong.  It is a lot easier to recover from an illness or injury when your body is pre-conditioned with good health, nutrition, low inflammion, and minimal toxin load.  Our chambers best support your individual needs:


  • Symptom Relief by reducing pain, decreasing inflammation, and increasing clarity of mind;

  • Damage repair and healing at the deepest cellular levels;

  • Maintenance of a healthy body and disease prevention by keeping the brain healthy, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, and optimizing cellular function and performance; and

  • Ideal body function & anti-aging.


When you have a home oxygen chamber, you have a safe, convenient, and easily accessible manner to fight disease, repair your body, and prevent illness.  Daily sessions will optimize the function both of your central nervous system and of your brain function.  You will sleep better and your general health will improve.  Your body will function optimally to best prevent colds, flus, and other advanced disease states.  Further, with our varied and flexible options, you easily can choose the path that best suits your particular wellness needs and put you in a position to live your best, healthiest, most productive life. All you have to do, get started!

Symptom Relief





Call for a free hyperbaric oxygen consultation with Beth Meneley, L.Ac. to begin your process towards better health. As hyperbaric oxygen therapy is prescription based, we can arrange for prescriptions for your whole family at no extra charge so they can enjoy all the benefits of your chamber.

We offer one, two or three month rental programs. 

If after one month you decide you would like to purchase the chamber, you will have a $500 credit towards purchase.

Chamber purchase start as low as $8,995. 

To learn more about summit-to-sea chambers, please go to

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818 661-0939