Why IV Vitamin C

Benefits of Intravenous Vitamin C:

  • IV Vitamin C  blood levels can reach levels 70 to 100 times higher than oral vitamin C

  • Immune-modulation (enhance or calm down)

  • Improves Energy Levels - Fatigue

  • Helps the body heal faster 

  • Lessens pain

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Anti-stress and Anti-depressant properties

  • Correction of any possible vitamin C deficiency (i.e. fatigue, bleeding)

  • Enhanced wound healing after surgeries, biopsies

  • Lower dose has anti-oxidant capabilities to enhance healing of viruses, toxins, bacteria, infections, etc.

  • Higher dose has oxidant capabilities to supports cancer healing

  • Support white blood cells (they have 10-30x higher levels than the blood)

  • Stimulates collagen formation (wall off tumors)

  • Inhibition of hyaluronidase (prevent cancer spread)

  • Enhanced benefits of chemotherapy and radiation

  • Cytotoxic to cancer (chemotherapeutic potential)

  • Support the bone marrow and especially the platelets

Intravenous vs. Oral Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C levels in the body are tightly controlled by the bowels and the kidney’s (i.e. the body gets rid of it quickly)

  • Even by taking up to 18g per day orally in divided doses throughout the day, the blood levels do not change and do not exceed 0.2 mMol/L

How High Dose IV Vitamin C may work in killing cancer (chemotherapeutic action):

  • Increased production of hydrogen peroxide production (pro-oxidant)

  • Anti-angiogenesis (stop the blood supply that feeds cancer)

  • Immune system support (interferon, interleukin, etc.)

  • Anti-inflammatory and decreases CRP levels

  • Stromal Support

  • And many other ways

IV Vitamin C Targets Cancer Cells

IV Vit C augments what your immune system is already doing, making the process much more effective. A cancer cell makes a rapid and sustained increase in hydrogen peroxide in response to vitamin C which results in a “rusting-effect” known as oxidative damage (i.e. this is how some of the more classic chemotherapy agents work to kill cancer along with radiation therapy).  Normal or healthy cells do not respond this way with vitamin C. Hydrogen peroxide acts as an oxidant, helping to destroy cancer and other foreign invaders. This phenomenon makes intravenous vitamin C a very unique and targeted treatment unlike any other chemotherapy-like medicine. 

Normal healthy cells are able to neutralize the effects of hydrogen peroxide with an enzyme known as catalase. Since cancer cells lack this enzyme, it leads to cell death. A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America showed that IV Vit C selectively kills cancer cells by delivering hydrogen peroxide to tissues.

Your immune system naturally produces some hydrogen peroxide in response to infections and cancer.

High doses of IV Vit C greatly enhances this natural process.

VItamin C as an Anti-Oxidant vs. Oxidant and what it means for your health

High Dose IV Vitamin C acts as an oxidative treatment helping to destroy cancer cells, while the gentle antioxidant effects of vitamin c protect and repair cells so they have control over cell replication such as the p53 gene. Many chemotherapies and radiation therapies work by increasing oxidation and inducing cancer cell death (apoptosis). Unfortunately, they also damage the control mechanisms for cell death including the p53 gene which suppresses tumor formation.


Luckily, there is a synergistic effect to High Dose IV Vitamin C  with these conventional therapies. Adding the addition of hyperbaric oxygen therapy will only increase the healing benefits.

High Dose IV VItamin C improves oxygenation of the cell while aiding in detoxification and improving cellular energy function. Cancer cells do not thrive in an oxygen rich environment so experiencing HDVC with hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be powerful healing modalities.