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We can consult with you to create a plan of action with hyperbaric oxygen and our other synergistic therapies. 

We offer different length rental programs and a $500 credit can be transferred into a hyperbaric chamber purchase. 

Some patients' health conditions and wellness goals might benefit from the addition of infrared sauna and pressotherapy lymphatic massage for a more targeted detox program. Others might be optimized with our red light therapy and PEMF mats.


Ask for a free consultation to create the right program for you.

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Immune Support

Prevent and Restore

  • Optimally Functioning Immune System

  • Covid 19 Support and Recovery

  • Lung Health

  • Hypoxia

  • Epstein Barr Virus

  • Mycotoxins

  • Lyme Disease

& Anti-aging

Better Sleep





  • General Health

  • Stimulates ATP production

  • Promotes Stem Cells

  • Decrease risk of infection

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • supports the immune system

  • Brain Health, Heart Health

  • Neuropathy & Diabetes

  • Cellular Repair

  • Collagen Production

  • Maintains Skin Elasticity

  • Stimulates Epithelialization & Reduces Scar Formation

  • Vascular Growth

Pain& Injury 

Accelerate Recovery  from Sports Injuries

Physical Trauma

Torn Ligaments

Broken Bones

Collagen Disorders such as 

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

  • Increases collagen production

  • Reduces Pain & Inflammation

  • Stimulates Angiogenesis

  • Increases Fibroblast Activation

  • Proliferates the production of ATP

  • Decreases Latic Acid

Brain Health

Concussion, Traumatic Brain Injury

Depression, Anxiety

Stroke Recovery

Memory, Dementia, Alheizmers

  • Stimulates Angiogenesis & Neurogenesis

  • Promotes proliferation & mobilization of neural stem cells 

  • Facilitates Neuroplasticity

  • Improves Cerebral Oxygenation

  • Enhances Memory & Mental performance

  • Attenuates the effects of hypoxia and inflammation in the brain

  • Stimulates Neuroplasticity

  • Induces Remyelination

  • Moderates Mitochondrial d/o's

  • Minimizes Oxidative stress

Cancer Support


  • Weakens Hypoxic Tumors

  • Targets Metastatic Tumors

  • Enhances Conventional Cancer Therapies

  • Reduces Tumor Hypoxia

  • Improves Chemotherapy Outcome

  • Enhances Brain Treatment 

  • Increases Post Op Fibroblast Activation

  • Reduces Side Effects of Chemo/Radiation


  • Decreases inflammatory markers

  • Normalizes intracellular O2 levels

  • Cellular Detox

  • Supports Cellular Energy Processes for Optimal DNA Repair

  •  Improves quality of life



Improve Behavioral Function 

Improve Digestive Function

Enhance Brain Healing & Repair

  • Increases Oxgyen To Hypoxic Tissues

  • Reduces Neuroinflammation

  • Moderates Mitochondria Dysfunction

  • Promotes Neurogensis

  • Stimulates Stem Cell Proliferation & Mobilization

  • Actuates Neuroplasticity

Improve Physical Function:

  • Promotes Receptive/Expressive Languages

  • Improves Movement & Walking

  • Stimulates Better Eye Contact, Gross/Fine motor skills


  • Increase Gluthathione

  • Decrease Oxidative Stress

  • Optimal cellular and organ system function

  • Decrease Inflammation

  • Increase cellular detox

& Healthy babies

  • Mitochondrial health

  • Egg Quality

  • Sperm health

  • Cellular repair

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Regulate hormones

  • Improve blood flow and oxygenation to reproductive system

  • Regulate nervous system

  • Decrease oxidative stress


Improve Blood Chemistry 

  • Fasting Blood Sugar

  • Hemoglobin HBA1C

  • Lipid Profiles


Advance Glycemic Control

  • Increases Pancreatic Islets cells

  • Improves insulin sensitivity

  • Increases skeletal muscle reception of glucose


Decrease cardiovascular risk

  • promotes long-term blood pressure control

  • attenuates metabolic syndrome

  • reduces risk of sudden heart attack due to ventricular arrhythmias


Stimulates Angiogenesis & reduces inflammation

  • Improves brain function for a reduced risk of stroke

  • Enhances heart function and reduces risk of heart attack.

  • reduces risk of diabetic retinopathy

  • Decreases risk of diabetic neuropathy.

  • Minimizes risk of diabetic nephropathy

  • Combats cellulitis


Promotes closure of non-healing wounds, ulcerations and reduces risk of amputation.

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