Vit C labs



$125  - 30 minute Baseline consultation focused on IV therapy and IV labs 

$250 - 60 minute Comprehensive consultation

$175 - 45 minute follow-up

$145 - 45 minute follow-up

Obtain baseline and screening laboratory:


a. Serum chemistry profile with electrolytes (CMP)

b. Complete blood count (CBC) with differential

c. Red blood cell G6PD (must be normal)

You can order these labs with your doctor or at our office:

$125 - 30 minute consultation with Dr. Courneene

$ 45  - administrative fee

$ 20 - lab tests

Any IV Vit C of 10 grams and over need to have this blood test run:

Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD), Quantitative, Whole Blood and Red Blood Cell Count (RBC)  

For cancer support, when doing High Dose IV Vit C of 50g - 100g, it is recommended to have 

plasma levels reach of 350 to 400 mg/dL We can check this with a glycogen monitor on site before and after your IV.

G6PD Biomarker:

Before beginning high dose IV Vit C of over 10 grams, you need to have a blood test for the marker known as G6PD. This is an inherited condition known as Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase.

If you have the marker, your cells can’t tolerate high dose vitamin C. If you have G6PD deficiency, you can not have IV Vit C during that time. Though rare, this can happen from certain chemotherapy medications.

Other Labs: 


If you have decreased kidney filtration or liver disease you will need to be monitored more closely by your doctor, although problems from IV Vitamin C for those with these conditions are still rare.