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Synergy Therapies

Enhance your Hyperbaric Oxygen Experience

Infrared sauna wrap

$300/month rental
$500 purchase


Our toxins are stored inside our fat cells. To detox, we need to sweat them out to release them. This is an essential part of healing.

Infrared sauna mat with Germanium Tourmaline, red light and Magnet therapy
$300/month rental
$1,500 purchase

This multi-healing mat will detox, restore and calm. Germanium is known to improve the immune system, oxygen supply in the body and destroy free radicals. Tourmaline is a detoxifier and it conducts infrared energy to improve metabolism, promote blood circulation and increase body temperature and is the generator of the infrared heat.

  • Promotes blood circulation and metabolism, so that oxygen and nutrient supply can heal as well as rid waste products from cells.

  • Reduces stiffness and increases flexibility of soft tissues such as muscles, joints and nerves.

  • Relieves discomfort by stimulating skin receptors to cut down transmission of pain signals to the brain.

  • Heat produces warmth that is comforting and relaxing.

  • Heats the body deeply and thoroughly to promote metabolism, blood circulation, burning of fat and detoxification

  • Magnet therapy helps with pain and increases circulation

  • Red light therapy aids in pain reduction and cellular repair

$300/month rental
$1,500 purchase

Lymphatic Drainage Compression

  • Detox

  • Water retention

  • Circulation

  • Neuropathy

  • Cellulite and weight loss support

Red light
therapy pad
$300/month rental
$500 purchase

Targeted therapy for abdomen and uterus, low back pain or limbs.

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